Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I am doing and why.

I have always enjoyed a good zombie story, likewise, I've always enjoyed telling stories, so it kind of makes sense I would start writing stories about the zombie apocalypse. I've also written stories within the scope of other genres, but this blog will concentrate on the zombie infection and its aftermath.

This site, though directly connected to the three part series “Behind a Veil of Darkness”, is about the subsidiary characters of the story and the tales are presented in short story format. I will be presenting new stories on a weekly basis, so I hope you will return and check for additions.

So, why am I writing these stories? While reading a book, have you ever wondered what a subsidiary character was doing before he/she was introduced to the main character, or departed from the story? I have. This is the purpose of the series of short stories I am sharing with you. Some of the stories will concern people from Book One and others will be about characters from Book Two; eventually I will introduce more from Book Three.

By all means please feel free to enter a comment at the end of each story.

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